Roof, Deck & Patio

If you are looking for ideas on how to transform your outdoor living space then considered your roof-deck or even perhaps your patio or deck even your pool! With Tough Turtle Turf you can transform any outdoor living area into something beautiful that will enhance your outdoor space by creating a more functional space. Tough Turtle Turf has innovative solutions that can help you create many different solutions using artificial grass in so many different ways.

Tough Turtle Turf artificial grass solutions creates numerous benefits for urban life and residential areas. Anything from outdoor/indoor decks, patios, pool areas, roof decks, and garage are all perfect examples of how Tough Turtle Turf provides great alternatives to composites decking, wood and deck tiles that will require less maintenance. Many commercial buildings have started taking advantage of the benefits that artificial grass has to offer such as creating entertainment areas, crate rooftop/roof-deck gardens, and enhance terraces and balconies, with suitable drainage.


  • Residential roof decks – Does not need weather proofing or staining. Last longer than composite or wood decking.
  • Terrance and Patio – You and your family can enjoy the feel of soft grass and green grass always looks better than concrete.
  • Commercial Rooftops/roof-decks – You can create a beautiful garden on your rooftop and get the feeling of being in nature all the time.


    • Great For Environment – Will greatly help conserve water and it requires very minimal maintenance, no weather guard, no staining and can last up to 20 years. It is great for the environment.
    • Pet Patios – You can add artificial grass to your patio for your furry family member to play and to go. Switching from natural grass will help your pet stay clean and eliminate any ticks or fleas from spreading.
    • Leisure Value – You can revamp your terrace, patio, or deck for entertaining guests or perhaps for recreational space for children and/or pets maybe create your personal retreat.
    • Light Load – Great alternative for other types of materials for roof decks Great for older buildings.


Quality Artificial Grass Golf Greens

Imagine if you are able to practice golf at any time or day right in your backyard. Tough Turtle Turf can install not just your putting green, but we can create your whole back yard into an entire short game.

Our synthetic turf is built to specifications making it high performance, with an attractive surface. Our infill artificial grass system has the look and feel of real putting green, without the high cost of maintenance. Installing putting green is also a great way to spend time with family while improving your game.

Tough Turtle Turf will custom build your dream putting green with top quality artificial grass. Contact us today to get started. We guarantee customer satisfaction without paying the high price.


Playground Artificial Grass

an diego artificial grass applications
There is nothing more important than your kids safety. When choosing the best play set, the number one concern should be safety. A lot of injuries happen on the playground because of the hard or abrasive surface. It can be very unsafe. Tough Turtle Turf offers top quality synthetic turf and is also one of the safest for any type of playground. All of our artificial grass will help protect children from falls and can be used for any playground, depending on the application and equipment.


Other Benefits

      • No mowing
      • No watering
      • No allergies
      • No wet grass
      • No chemicals
      • No urine spots
      • No bugs
      • No moles or gophers
      • No disappointment

Contact us today to set up your no obligation, no hassle, free consultation. You can fill out the contact form and one of representatives will get back to you as soon as possible or call us at (858) 348-527. We will meet you at your home or business when it’s convenient for you and go over all of your budget and options. We also guarantee to beat any price and customer satisfaction. Call us today to see how we can help you with all f your artificial grass applications.