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Tough Turtle Turf offers professional installation of artificial grass San Clemente, CA. We install residential and commercial synthetic turf for many different types of applications.

Our large variety of selection of synthetic turf has the look and feel of “real” grass, even you will have a hard time noticing the difference. All of our grass is safe for kids and pets, it’s environmentally friendly and with the proper maintenance and care it can last up to 25 years.

All of our Tough Turtle Turf comes with one of the best warranties in San Clemente, CA so you can have a piece of mind knowing you can enjoy your turf for a very long time to come. Our turf experts can help you transform any patio deck, pool areas, terrace, front yard, backyard, and roof top, of your dreams.

About Tough Turtle Turf Artificial Grass San Clemente, CA

Tough Turtle Turf likes to keep things as simple as possible. We offer high quality artificial turf, at the lowest prices, with the best customer service. Our team of professional installers will get the job done right so you can enjoy all the great things artificial grass has to offer for your San Clemente, CA home.

Why Choose Tough Turtle Turf Artificial Grass?

Selection Our selection of artificial grass is one of the best in the San Clemente, CA. Our grass has the look and feel of “real” grass, and is able to withstand the more than the normal wear and tear, including extreme hot and cold weather.

Value All of our customers get the lowest prices on all of our artificial grass San Clemente, CA. We will get the job done the fist time. We are also California licensed, insured and bonded.

Savings By making the switch from natural grass to artificial grass you will start seeing benefits as soon as it’s installed! Along with doing your part to help conserve water. You will be cutting your water and maintenance bills up to 70%, no more need to hire a gardener or mow the lawn.

We know that you have many choices when it comes to choosing the right artificial grass company, and at Tough Turtle Turf we guarantee quality turf, at the lowest prices, with great customer service. Contact us today by filling out the contact form and one of our representatives will get back to you, or call us at (858) 348-5527 to set up your free estimate.

How Synthetic Turf Saves You Money And Time?

When you choose Synthetic grass in San Clemente, CA there is no need for any watering, fertilization, mowing, or trimming. Our turf also can sustain any kind of extreme hot and cold weather. All of our artificial grass is environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable, and contains no chemicals, so its safe for all kids and pets.

There is no more need to worry about rabbits, moles, gophers, brown spots, or dogs digging any holes. Keep your grass green and lush all year around no matter what kind of weather you get, without having to do any hard work.


We originally put rocks on our yard and it was not enjoyable and made our yard ugly. We obviously couldn’t put sod because of the drought and the water bill kept going up. After careful consideration we gave artificial grass a shot We couldn’t be happier! After our turf was installed we had a get together and all my friends could not believe that it was turf.

Everyone was so impressed and it looked so real. Brandon and his crew did an amazing job he even added pavers to my design and everything was done fast and everyone was professional. I couldn’t have picked a better company to do my yard.
-CJ L. San Clemente, CA

More About San Clemente, CA

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San Clemente, California, San Clemente is located within the state Of California. In 2010 the census reported a population of 3,010,230 making it the third popular county in the Stat of California. The county seat is located in Santa Ana, it is the most densely populated city in the state.

Second is San Francisco. Anaheim is the fourth largest city, followed by Santa Ana, Huntington, and Irvine that exceeds a population of 200,000.

Some San Clemente cities are along the Pacific coast such as Lauguan Beach, Newport, Huntington Beach and San Clemente. San Clemente is famous for tourism and have huge attractions such as Knott’s Berry Farm and Disneyland with several beaches.

San Clemente, CA is currently experiencing a major droughts ever recorded. Governor Jerry Brown declared a drought state of Emergency back in January 2015. He ordered state officials to take action to prepare for any water shortages that may occur. The state of California is leading the way to cope with this drought. Making the switch to artificial grass San Clemente, CA, can help reduce the much needed water while saving money on maintenance and water bills. Artificial grass

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Artificial Grass San Clemente, CA Services

Tough Turtle Turf offers professional installation for all of residential and commercial artificial grass use in San Clemente, CA. Call us today to set up your no hassle, no obligation free estimate.

Patios, Decks, Rooftop, Roof deck Artificial Grass Installation
Commercial Artificial Grass Installation
Residential Artificial Grass Installation
Pet Artificial Grass Installation
Putting Green Installation

For the past ten years artificial turf has been more popular than ever especially in the United States. The most popular areas are states with low water usage and states going through droughts such as the state of California.

When you decide to make the switch to synthetic turf everyone benefits in a huge way. Not by just conserving water but also saving money on all of the maintenance that is needed on natural grass to keep it green. Within time artificial grass will pay for itself. Call us today at (858)348-5527 to set up your free estimate for your home or business or fill out the contact form.

Other names artificial grass is also known:

  • synthetic grass
  • turf
  • fake grass
  • synthetic turf
  • artificial turf