Commercial Artificial Grass Landscape

Tough Turtle Turf is the perfect solution for any commercial artificial grass landscape in San Diego, Orange County, Inland Empire, Las Vegas, and Dallas. Using Tough Turtle Turf helps reduces the costs that natural grass may incur. In addition it is also good for the environment by reducing the use of water, carbon emissions and fuel consumption from lawn equipment. Maintaining a commercial landscape can cost thousands throughout the year, with professional landscaping, re-sodding, mowing, watering, and general up-keep. Switching to Tough Turtle Turf artificial grass will cut down on all of the expenses dramatically, and the landscape will stay green and beautiful all year around regardless of the weather.

Tough Turtle Turf can be used in different types of places, which is another reason why a lot of commercial properties have chosen Tough Turtle Turf artificial grass. Churches, school, playground fields, roof-tops, office buildings, pet hospitals and more. Also, it can be installed in places where natural grass has a difficult time growing or staying green.

With our wide variety of artificial grass, a design consultant can design a beautiful landscape, that is eye-catching and functional. The durability, cost savings, and Lifetime Warranty, it’s a perfect combination to create an appealing landscape for any commercial area.

Get a free design consultation. Start enjoying all the benefits that turf has to offer. Call now at (866) 380-2288 or fill out the contact form to set up a free estimate. Tough Turtle Turf's mission is to offer the highest quality turf at affordable prices, with best in class customer satisfaction.

Advantages of Residential Commercial Grass Landscape

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