We are one of the fastest growing artificial grass company in Southern California. Here are some testimonials from our happy customers.

My artificial grass was installed back in May. I had a vision of what it would look like. After the project was done it came out better than expected. They took care of every detail. I was blown away. Thank you!
-Diana. W. Poway, CA

Tough turtle turf designed for my family an amazing backyard, that includes a fire pit. My yard look unrecognizable. Can’t wait to have people over so we can enjoy it.
-Jay D. San Diego, CA

My husband met with 3 different companies, we didn’t feel comfortable with any of them. We met with Brandon and he was so friendly and knew a lot about the product. His suggestions were great and he helped us design our front and back yard. The installation crew, were very nice and did an awesome job, they were always on time and cleaned up when it was the end of the day. The turf installation took 3 days. We can’t say good things about tough turtle turf.
-Marc C. San Diego, Ca

We had been looking for a DIY artificial grass project, we became overwhelmed with all the different types of artificial grass. We saw tough turtle’s booth at the fair, instead of doing the hard work we decided to hire a company to do it for us. We met with Mike and he was great. We thought all we were going to install was turf, but Mike’s suggestions were more than just installing turf. We installed our turf, pavers, and added a retaining wall. My back yard looks totally different and unrecognizable. Next up is doing a desertscape on our front yard, and we are calling tough turtle back!
-Ray G. Anaheim, CA

I was tired of looking at my dead yard, with the drought it’s killed everything I had done my research on artificial grass and since I have kids I wanted to give them some kind of place to play in, but I didn’t want to deal with a lot of maintenance. I had 5 companies bidding and none of them came close to what these guys had to offer. I had pavers and artificial grass installed. It’s pretty much maintenance free, and my kids now have a nice, safe place to play. Everyone is impressed with their work.
-Carlos G. Chula Vista, CA

We had turf installed about 10 years ago by a different company, and it was time to replace it. The company that had previously installed it went out of business and so we were left to look for another company. We saw their commercial and what caught our eye was the $500 off. I met with Devon and gave us a great price and on top of that we had $500 off! What really sold us was that all their turf installations came with a lifetime warranty. No other company offered us that. I was ecstatic with the work they did, the attention to detail was very important and made their work stand out. I would at least give them a call to see what they could offer.
Pat M. Escondido, CA

Everyone that was involved with our project was great from Evan the bobcat operator, to Jason’s crew who did installed pavers and artificial grass. Everyone was professional and respectful. We definitely recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a turf company that offers great price, great products, and professional installers.
-Justin T. La Mesa, CA

Brandon was great to work with from start to finish. We signed with him the day he came for the consultation. Brandon delivered on everything said he would and went above and beyond. The quote was accurate and their was no hidden fee’s. We had some friends install turf and the company offered a low price but they came with hidden fees. The crew was always on time and always left everything clean when they were done. The job took about a week because we had them do our front and back yard, also we had some concrete work done.
-Tony T. San Diego, CA

My synthetic turf is awesome!!! I love looking at my yard. We were looking for more of a realistic look, we had met with different companies and none of them offered the realistic look like tough turtle’s. People come over and really don’t know if it’s turf or natural. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. For the quality and the price, it is pretty unbeatable. I recommend them.
-Jim O. La Mesa, CA

I had my artificial grass installed about 7 months ago, everything still looks great. I’ve had no issues, the cool baking series prevents the turf from getting hot. The best part is how much money I have saved. It has cut my water bill tremendously. This is the best decision I have made in along time. In a couple of years the turf will pay itself. I currently hired tough turtle to install artificial grass at my business. I can’t wait for them to finish so I can start saving more money!
-Bill O. San Diego, CA

Since this whole drought happened my business lawn has taken a dive, it made my business looked abandoned and not cared for. I decided to call a turf company and had several bids. I really liked what tough turtle offered. I didn’t just install turf, I also did some desertscape and paver stones. My business looks so much better. On top of that my warranty is unbeatable and it’s great for business owners. I know I’ll have this turf for a long time. The process didn’t take a lot either. It was about a 5 day process. The crew worked fast and efficiently and I couldn’t be happier.
-Fran Y. Escondido, CA

After seeing my mom’s yard I knew I had to hire this company. They created a fire pit, and a retaining wall and it all looked amazing. The quality of my artificial grass is pretty great. I’ve looked at their competitors and you can’t compare. For the customer service, the warranty, the people, and the price. You can’t beat that. I really appreciate the patience that they had with my and my husband. Mike always answered our calls and came to the job site to make sure everything was going smoothly. You just don’t find that kind of customer service any more.
-Nina P. Mission Viejo, CA

Where do I start? This company has been so good to us. Initially there was a misunderstanding but the owner and manager worked hard to corrected the mistake. Not many companies go above and beyond like they do. I was very happy how they were able to handle my situation. I had desertscape in my front lawn and artificial grass with pavers installed in the back yard. It took about a week because it was a large job. I really am happy how the job turned out.
-Jack E. Anaheim, CA

I made the mistake of hiring a “contractor” on Craigslist. Well sadly his job was’t finished and he disappeared. He left the yard very unsafe for our kids and I needed to find someone that can clean up his mess. We saw though turtle booth in one of the fairs. I set up my consultation and Mike came to meet with us. He was very thorough and helped us out with the mess that was created. Within two weeks he had his crew down and finished it in 3 days. What a difference a true professional can do. Our synthetic turf looks so real and my kids can play when they want and I don’t have to worry about them getting hurt. I have to give them a million thanks.
-Stacy P. San Diego, CA

I have 3 dogs and they have killed the back yard. Lot’s of dead spots and let’s not forget about the drought. Since my dogs are big and very playful. I needed artificial grass that was durable and can withstand high traffic areas. When meeting with Brandon, and he showed me the samples I was impressed with the quality of turf. The installation process went smoothly and everyone in the crew was respectful and on time. My dogs LOVE the new turf and no more dead spots. If I would of known about his sooner I would had it installed a long time ago.
-Maggie W. Chula Vista, CA

I really appreciate everything though turtle did for me. I wasn’t too sure I wanted artificial grass installed in my yard. I meet with one of the best design consultants. After meeting with Mike I told him all my concerns, and how I wasn’t sure that I really wanted artificial grass, he then taught me about desertscape. I LOVED the idea, and he got to designing it right away. I wanted to make sure it was perfect and he was very patient with me. After a couple of design consultations it was exactly what I wanted. Their crew was on time, the pavers where laid out right and the concrete came out perfectly. I love my yard. Especially all the money I’ll be saving.
Henry G. -San Diego, CA

After deciding to install artificial turf, we are so happy we choose tough turtle turf. Our Salesman, Brandon, couldn’t have been more friendly, and knowledgeable. The installers were an amazing crew that got there early and worked until their day was up. Everyone worked hard and the final results proves it. We couldn’t recommend them enough.
-Marcia and Benji A. -Carlsbad, CA

We had done a whole remodel for our home and it was time to get working on our yard. We called a couple of companies, but as soon as we met with this company we signed with them right away. They did the whole grass removal, installed turf, installed pavers, created retaining wall, and we also added a fire pit last minute. Everyone was very accommodating and worked with us. The whole process took 3 days and I couldn’t be more happier.
-Janice :. -Cardiff by the Sea.

My experience with tough turtle turf was as good as it gets. From the every start with meeting with our consultant Jim, to the scheduling, demo, installation and final touches. It took 2 weeks since we have an ample yard and did our front yard as well. The crew was very hard working and we had some issues with our tree roots, but the crew just worked even harder to finish our artificial grass installation on time. We can’t wait to have the whole family over more often so everyone can enjoy our new turf.
-Ennon K. -San Diego, CA

I have a huge family, and almost every Sunday we get together and have dinner, cookouts, party’s. So when we wanted to redo our backyard we knew it had to be fun, durable, and realistic. Tough turtle was the perfect choice and they came through and delivered exactly what they promised. Since we wanted something fun we decided to put in putting greens, my husband is not just an avid golfer but we thought the kids would enjoy it and keep themselves out of trouble. We designed the putting greens to not just my husband but fun for the kids. We also had to make it pet friendly since we have two large dogs. The synthetic turf we chose has been super durable and clean up is so easy. The maintenance is nothing compared to real grass, and there is no smell afterwards. Everyone has enjoyed our yard and we get so many compliments. I always gladly refer them to tough turtle.
Janinne M. -Chula Vista, CA

My wife wanted to have a huge birthday part in our home. The drought affected our lawn and everything was just brown and dirt. We knew we couldn’t throw a party with a yard like ours. We called several companies and a lot of them were at least about two months out for turf installation. We then called this company and Brandon said he could install our artificial grass in two weeks. We couldn’t’ believe it, but it happened. We had a fire pit and bbq pit installed as well. The work took 1 week and the end result was nothing but amazing. It was all done in time and under budget. Everyone we dealt with was so nice, always answered our questions and made sure we were happy with our progress. Brandon, even came down a couple of time to the job site to make sure everything was going accordingly and nothing was missing. I’m so happy we went with them. The party was a success and everyone was envious of our yard, all thanks to these guys!
Lionel P. -San Diego, CA

We installed our turf when we first bought our home, about 10 years. We weren’t really too happy with it, because it looked just too fake and in about 5 years it just started falling apart. We weren’t even sure we wanted to install artificial grass again. We saw tough turtle’s booth in one of the street fairs and we decided to stop by, my husband and I were very much impressed with how much artificial turf has changed. It does not look like it did ten years ago. The representative also told us it came with a lifetime warranty. By far a better deal than what we paid for ten years ago. We meet with Devon, he was nice, patient, and knowledgeable. The turf looked so real, I really wish we had this feel and look years ago. We signed the deal right then and there, they called us to a week later to set up an installation appointment. The whole process took two days. We really love our new turf.
Irene M. -San Diego, CA

I have an over active dog and I am constantly am playing with him in the back yard. The yard has turned dirt and I became concerned when my do inhaled dirt and he started coughing more and more. We knew we had to do something about it, we looked into several options and I really thought that artificial grass was the way. I wasn’t sure if my dog was going to take to it, or maybe not like it. Boy, where we wrong.

He loves it and even rolls around it. Clean up is a lot easier, and I don’t have to worry about mowing, or pesticides. When Brandon came to meet us and saw sample of his turf, I thought they were going to cost a pretty penny. It was actually very affordable. For the quality and the warranty the price is fair. I can’t thank tough turtle turf for the great job they did. I will recommend to all my friends and family, and use them very soon for some rental properties we own.
Jacob S. -Del Mar, CA

My husband and I were so fed up with trying to find a turf company we could trust. We called so many, had so many bids, looked at a lot of turf samples and to be honest they all looked the same and none of them stood out. We were about to give up when we decided to give three more companies a try. Just like the rest of them the first two were not impressive and didn’t have anything great to offer. We thought tough turtle was going to be the same thing. We were wrong, cool back turf is different, and looks so real. We knew we found our company and we were so thrilled to get the project going. It took about a week and a half for them to get started on the installation. John’s crew was on time, polite, clean, and hard working. The process took about 3 days, and everything came out great. Their attention to detail made such a difference. We are really happy with their work, and we always felt like we were their priority.
Nikki P. -Carmel Mountain, CA

We bought our condo and we wanted to give our kid and dog a place where they could play. We decided that synthetic turf was the best option for us. Looking at some companies the more realistic the turf looked the more pricey it seemed. Meeting with tough turtle turf was different, their artificial grass looked so real, we thought it was going to be so expensive but it wasn’t at all.

On top of that we got $500 dollars off. We thought we were going to be over budget, but we weren’t at all. They came in at least $1,000 less. We were able to buy a playground for our kid. Everyone is impressed with our yard, and we just loving seeing our kid and dog run around. We are really enjoying our yard. The best thing is knowing it will pay for itself in a couple of years.
Rose V. -San Diego, CA

Tough turtle turf really makes sure their customers are happy with their installation. We had a couple of issues that occurred during the installation process but let me tell you, they made sure to always make it right. The first issue was the design, we weren’t too thrilled the way the the retaining wall came out. Mike was able to fix it asap. We made the changes we wanted and we were happy with the second revision. The second issue was our sprinkles. Four of them broke when they installed the artificial grass. We didn’t notice until the whole process was done. We called them and explained our issue and within two days they had one of their guy’s come and service our sprinklers and fixed them in no time. Gregg, the general manager did follow ups to make sure the job was done right, and to make sure we were happy with the work they did. I’m very happy with their product, price point, installation, and employees. Everyone was beyond great. Their customers really comes first, it’s hard to find companies like these now a days.
Michael H. -San Diego, CA

I really don’t write reviews, but because I’m more than satisfied with the work that they did I will gladly do it. They showed up on time, the estimate was the true price, and the work they completed they did a great job and they worked very hard. The turf that we installed looks great, I really recommend this company to anyone looking to put in some turf in their home.
-Ronald H. -San Diego, CA

I was looking to install artificial grass on a very steep hill. Brandon, knew exactly how it should be installed. The material use under the turf is different than when the ground is flat, no other contractor told us that. We knew we had made the right choice. The crew was efficient and they left my place clean after quitting time.
-Celi S. -La Jolla, CA

I hired them to install my artificial grass for my patio. They were easy to deal with and the installation was done very quickly. I also had some concrete work and I am happy with the end result. The price was just right!
-Pat W. -National City, CA

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! Everyone was professional, and detailed. Josh, the crew leader was great. Everything was delivered as promised. When the work was done they cleaned up and left it a lot cleaner than how it was. We are very impressed with our turf job. Thank you everyone.
-Kara E. -Escondido, CA

I’m a VERY detailed person and when it came to designing my backyard it was super detailed. Mike helped me put it together and knew I was asking for a lot, but they came through. Every detailed was done and my turf looks great. I did the whole things, pavers, fire pit, rocks, plants, and even a bbq pit. I am ecstatic and can’t wait to show off my new space. I know everyone will be jealous.
-Robert J. -San Diego, CA

We hired tough turtle turf to do some artifical turf for some homes we owned.

The team at tough turtle turf are real professionals. They were so thorough from the estimate to the completed job. The whole team worked efficiently to make sure everything we had discussed during the planning and design process happened. We were so happy with their work that we asked them to do another job.

Brandon the owner did follow ups and made sure the job was done right and that we were happy with the crew and work. It’s really hard to find a good company that still cares about their customers.
-Davy N. Poway, CA

I was very happy with our artificial grass and how friendly they were. There was an issue with the edge of our turf install. However, they made sure to come out to fix asap. Our turf has has made such a difference in our life. We can actually go out and enjoy it.
-Rahmi R. -El Cajon, CA

Keyword here is smooth, our synthetic turf project went smoothly and couldn’t be happier with the results. From the quotes, the pricing, the installation, and final walk through. We had Greg come by to make sure everything was going smoothly with our turf install. Great company all around!

It’s been about 8 months since tough turtle turf transformed our yard (btw it still looks amazing) we reached out to them in desperate need of a new lawn.

Let me try and paint the picture, our backyard looked muddy, dead patchy grass, overgrown weeds, and a couple of dead trees. It wasn’t a place that we wanted our kids to play in and didn’t really spend a lot of time.

I found tough turtle online and gave them a call. We were pleased that Brandon was able to meet us later in the evening since my husband and I work late. When we met with Brandon he looked at our yard and asked us what we wanted. Honestly, we didn’t have a clue, after asking us some questions we had a better idea of what we wanted. He helped us with the design and added paver, a fire-pit and retaining wall. We were excited but we really had no clue how it was going to come out. I mean it looked great on paper but could they do it? Yes, they really did it!

Two weeks later the crew showed up to install our artificial grass and pavers. As soon as they showed up they came and got straight to work. In one day the crew took our yard apart and cleaned it out. All the weeds, dead trees, and dead grass all out.

The next day I asked the crew what was going to happen and they were attentive, respectful and informative. I made a couple of suggestion on our turf install and they listened to my suggestions.

On the fourth day I came home and the whole work was done and we were BLOWN AWAY. The yard looked so different and unrecognizable. It did’t even look like artificial grass, it seriously had to make sure it wasn’t natural grass.

Till this day we use our backyard more than ever. We are so proud of our yard. I can’t thank them enough. It’s much better to spend time with the family outside then inside just watching tv not interacting. Thank YOU!
-Delia M. – San Diego, CA

The job they did on my back lawn was incredible. I had a boccie ball court installed, turf, pavers, and a planter box. The yard was just a total mess. With half way dead trees, and broken concrete blocks, they tore it apart to only make it beautiful all at a great price.
-Maria P. -Chula Vista, CA

I would like to thank tough turtle for the job they did. My yard is pretty large and we wanted something for everyone. I have two pre teen boys, a wife that loves to garden, and me who loves golf. We met with Mike and we told him what we were thinking, in no time he had a design that amazed us and got us excited. We even cancelled the other bids we had, because we knew we had the right turf company. Mike designed a garden for my wife, batting cages for my boys, putting green for me and a fire pit.

We were all so eager for them to start on our project. In a couple of weeks they started tearing up our backyard and got to work. Since it was a larger job it took about a week to finish. We couldn’t be more thrilled. Everyone wants to come to our home and spend time in our yard. We are the envy of our block. If you are looking for an artificial grass company that will create something new and eye catching I highly suggest to give them a call. They offer a free consultation, without any pressure.
-Justin R. San Diego, CA

Our neighbor had their lawn done by tough turtle. We saw the finished product and liked what we saw. We decided to give them a call since they have a referral program. Devon was our design consultant and showed us their brand, the cool blade. We couldn’t believe how real the turf looked. It was exactly what we were looking for. Devon, did a great job designing our backyard. My husband and I are aren’t great at designing, so we where happy he took over the designing.

We just told him what we wanted and he made it happened. Besides turf, we had pavers, concrete and water tolerant plants installed. The installation crew got to work two weeks later, Mike’s crew was delightful to work with. They were on time, courteous, respectful, and clean. The job took about 3 days. With the final walk through Devon came back and made sure we were happy with their work. Now our other neighbor is getting their job done, and we highly recommend them.
-Thomas S. San Diego, CA

I know there are a lot of people who install artificial grass, but I really think anyone who is really considering installing it should call tough turtle turf. I had various bids and they were the only one hat had great pricing, and their artificial grass is of high quality. You can tell the owner Brandon, really cares and will make sure you are happy with their product and installation. All other companies only offer 10-15 years of warranty but these folks offer a lifetime warranty. Before making a choice I called the other companies to see if they can beat or match their price and warranty and guess what, no one did. Everyone else that we came in contact or worked our lawn was very nice, worked efficiently, and were hard workers. We are pleased with the work they did. I highly, highly recommend them!
-Rodrigo P. San Diego, CA

My experience with the whole tough turtle team was pretty satisfying. The price was par to other places but none had a warranty as long as they did. We previously had artificial grass installed about 8 years ago and it looked like it had been installed for 15+. It started to fall apart and fade. Since I was happy with not paying water bill and the maintenance is worth it, I decided to reinstall the artificial grass. I found them online and liked some of the jobs they did. I called them for a free consultation and the next day they were at my house giving me my estimate. I liked the price and signed with them. They cleaned up my yard, re-installed it and also installed pavers.
Tyler B. Bonita, CA

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