Top 5 Burritos Spots in San Diego CA

Living in San Diego, CA you can’t help but love burritos and most of us at Tough Turtle Turf Artificial Grass always have discussions about which places have the best burritos in San Diego, CA. You can constantly find us eating burritos for breakfast or lunch! So here is our list.


Lucha Libre

lucha libre tough turtle turf to burritos in san diego, ca list
What’s not to love about Lucha Libre? This place is a Mexican wrestling themed taqueria but with a gourmet twist. One of the most popular burritos is the Surfin’ California burrito, you might of seen it featured on Man V. Food. What is it you ask? It’s a tortilla with carne asada that is marinaded with lime, chipotle mayo, shrimp, cheese, pico de gallo and avocado. If you are craving this burrito late at night, no worries they are open until 2:30am.


Fresh MXN

fresh mxn tough turtle turf to burritos in san diego, ca list
Formal known as Santana’s if you are a San Diegan, you might of been here a million times. So, is Fresh MXN as good as Santanas’s? Some might not agree but for the most part we think they are pretty much the same burrito. This is also a chain which you can find around in San Diego, CA. One of the best things of Fresh MXN is they serve alcohol, so it’s perfect to pair it with a carne asada burrito.



saritas tough turtle turf to burritos in san diego, ca list
This beautiful hole-in-the-wall place is as good as it gets. Serving very traditional Mexican food. They are best known for their very large burrito. They pile on the sour cream and guacamole, so you don’t have to pay that ugly extra fee. No matter the time of day you want it, you got it because they are open 24 hours.


Nico’s Mexican Food

nico tough turtle turf to burritos in san diego, ca list
Nico’s is one of the top spots and has made it to many people’s top lists, especially here with our Tough Turtle Turf family. Nico offers average size California burrito in tinfoil. You get to taste every single bit of every ingredient. There are 3 locations in San Diego, CA. The owner Jose Carreon likes to keep it old school, just like his mom and dad did.


Roberto’s Mexican Food

Roberto’s first started in San Ysidro in 1964 and they claim to be the first “Mexican taco shop” we aren’t sure if the claim is true, but we sure know that many San Diegan’s love this place. They are convenient since you can find them all around San Diego, CA. Their top selling burritos? The California burrito, of course!